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Excursions and activities

Fill the day

Vrbnik–taste the autochthonous wine of the Island of Krk -žlahtina
The people of Vrbnikcreated their settlement on top of a cliff 48 meters high and they somehow managed to fit every passageway, step and house throughout centuries into the harmonious unit of Vrbnik we see today.
You do not have to use words for Vrbnik, you have to experience it. Find the narrowest street in the world and make sure you taste the renowned autochthonous wine of the Island of Krk – Vrbnik žlahtina.

Sail out and visit the islands nearby

Spend a beautiful fulfilled day on a boat excursion and visit the islands of Cres, Lošinj, Rab and the small islands of Plavnik, Grgur and Goliotok. Rainy days
When the weather refuses to cooperate, visit the beautiful small cave named Biserujka or take a peek inside the sea world aquarium in Krk and Baška!
Diving - During your visit to Krk you can, even if you are a beginner, learn the basics of proper diving, and those with more experience can visit more attractive locations where they can explore old shipwrecks, gorgonian gardens, caves, steep cliffs and similar. Fishing - Go on a real fishing boat, watch the nets get thrown and the catch get pulled out of the sea, and then taste bites of the fresh catch prepared by the crew. ACTIVE HOLIDAY / SPORT
  • There are 300 km of hiking trails on the island and most of them are used as biking trails. Therefore, you have no excuse for not being active on your vacation!
  • Walk to the Moon! (a promenade in Baška that leads to a plateau whose surface resembles the surface of the Moon)
  • Climb up to the “Veli vrh” and “Obzova”, the highest hilltops on the island and enjoy the serenity, tranquility and vistas you can only dream about
  • Find your adrenalin entertainment in the Wakeboard Centre located in Punatska draga!
  • Take a stroll on the olive oil road by the Hotel Kanajt
  • Learn to sail on a small sailboat or a cruising boat
  • Rent a bike / E-bike in the Hotel Kanajt
  • Rent a kayak
  • Rent an SUP

Sail out and visit the nearby islands and islets